What Can Shopping Local Do For You?

What Can Shopping Local Do For You?

April 25, 2023


Cutting edge

An upper hand

A leg-up – sounds good to me, so why not take advantage of all the good things a local, independent agent can do for you?

Back in the good old days, as my grandkids say, I remember the billboard advertising for our local independent agents – there was Perry Mason (you younger folks will have to google him) gripping handcuffs between his hands – captioned, “With an independent agent, you’re not locked into one company.” He was touting that you have choices and options for coverage and pricing with an independent agent. It was true then –it’s still true today. The past 18 months have been an economic roller coaster; thank goodness we have options to offer our clients; when pricing increases with one carrier, we can look to another carrier for solutions.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your insurance coverage needs. We can insure your home, auto, boat, rental properties, business, and charitable organization. We also offer various life insurance products for your insurance portfolio. If you need coverage – it’s likely was have a policy to take care of it. We have experts on staff with years of experience – you are not talking to someone on the phone (who you will never meet) who went thru a six-week training program, and now they are insuring your home, your business…your life. We are knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing you with an insurance program that is both comprehensive and affordable.

Shopping local -we can’t say enough about supporting our local economy. The COVID pandemic dealt us a terrible blow, and it seems our small-hometown businesses suffered the most. This country was founded on small businesses – Ben Franklin’s stove, Paul Revere’s silver shop, and Thomas Jefferson’s nail foundry, to name a few. The small business owner is the backbone of our local community – we need to buy locally – and keep our economy thriving. And speaking of community – there’s another reason to work with an independent agent: we know our community – we keep ourselves informed regarding things like fire protection changes and building ordinances that affect insurance premiums. We are vested in supporting our school systems to educate our future employees, our police departments to keep us safe, and our local governments to provide the infrastructure we all need to make our community “work.”

Keep it local – ask us, your independent agent, to review your insurance needs. We want to be your hometown resident expert!