Our Irish Roots

Our Irish Roots

March 17, 2022

Did you know that two Doherty, Duggan, Hart and Tiernan (DDHT) partners have Irish roots? This St. Patrick's Day, we celebrate their origins and the history of our firm.


Our firm was formed as Doherty, Duggan & Rouse in 1998. As the firm grew, the name was changed to Doherty, Duggan, Hart & Tiernan in 2012 to recognize the addition of new principals. DDHT has experienced tremendous growth and expanded locations which have been all organic with the exception of one very successful acquisition Moye Insurance of  Sandersville, Georgia – a firm founded in 1898. We like to say, "We were founded in 1998 but can trace our roots back to 1898."

DDHT has long been recognized for providing leading solutions and services. Our delivery and accessibility to these services and solutions have been augmented by our commitment to technology. We are dedicated to constantly enhancing our client’s experience.

We have always cared deeply about people at Doherty, Duggan, Hart & Tiernan. We are committed to serving others by volunteering our time and giving our financial resources. We consider it a privilege to give back to the communities we serve.


At this time of year, many people talk about the luck of the Irish. At DDHT, we like to talk about the heart of the Irish, as it is to the big hearts of founding partners Rick Doherty and Leonard Duggan that we attribute much of our success.

Leonard Duggan's family arrived in the United States near Augusta by boat. The Dugan surname means "dark skin" as traditionally spelled until coming to America when the family changed the spelling from Dugan to Duggan.

The surname Doherty means "destructive or hurtful" and is derived from battlefield exploits of ancestors the O’Dochartaigh Clann who were longstanding regional Lord Chieftains over a section of Ireland. As a matter of historical record, Cahir (an ancestor of Rick Doherty’s) was beheaded by the British as the last hold out against them as a regional Irish Chieftain! They were so glad to get him they infamously displayed his head on a long pole high above the streets of Dublin.

The Doherty family immigrated to America only a  generation ago by ship to New York immigrating through Ellis Island. They are still deeply connected to their Irish roots having traveled to Ireland for family reunions.

We hope you have enjoyed, like we have, learning a bit of the history of our firm and two Irish partners. Without two separate Irish families leaving their homeland to live in America, there would be no DDHT history to tell. It reminds us not to forget that success is often obtained in the present by another's actions in the past.