A Life Insurance Tale

A Life Insurance Tale

September 26, 2022

Hi there. Down here. In the bassinet!! It’s me! – yes, I’m talking to you! I’m Junior, and I’m one month old. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be napping – but that baby shower – man, it was the bomb! It’s got me all hyped up! I bounced into the world early, so they delayed the baby shower so I could come and be the main attraction. It was a blast – I’ve already figured out the “favs” among the relatives. The cool aunts that brought toys and food are those I’ll be hanging with. The aunts that gave me clothes, socks, and blankets – they rank a little lower on the list. But I gotta tell you – MiMi is the coolest – her gift was the best – a life insurance policy engraved with my full name! I like the way that lady thinks! 

Now my MiMi is smart – she knows exactly why to buy life insurance for cool new babies like me. She knows because she’s been around the block a time or two – that things can change – and change quickly. So, if something happened to me, like getting diagnosed with childhood asthma or early-onset diabetes – well, purchasing life insurance might get a little more challenging. The best time to buy my fully engraved policy is while I’m young and healthy. 

Mimi also knows how to shop for a bargain. What else can you buy that can possibly double in value - and yet stay the same price? Well, my MiMi found it – a child life policy that has a face value that will grow with me. By the time I’m 18, it will be worth so much more than the original policy. She found several life insurance companies that offer this type of policy – so she snagged one just for me. 

Ok – last but not least – my Mimi is frugal – in other words, she’s not gonna spend a dime she doesn’t have to spend. Seriously – she has a world-class collection of twist ties, plastic grocery bags, and re-purposed tin foil that would probably rival any record set in the Guinness Book of World Records. MiMi knows life insurance costs less for me now than ever. So now is the time to buy! I’m one lucky kid!