A Classic Christmas Song with an Insurance Slant

A Classic Christmas Song with an Insurance Slant

December 12, 2022

My girls were either double blessed or double cursed – the daughters of a preacher's kid, who became an insurance agent.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, takes on a different slant if viewed thru BIBLICAL proportions or thru insurance policy language. Even the most treasured Christmas song gets a makeover. 

This classic Christmas tune hits all the high spots since it involves many issues and situations that must be addressed. Seriously, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has given this song thorough consideration and a possible review with at least their attorney, but undoubtedly their insurance agent as well.

I'll be home for Christmas

Let's ensure this home is brick or hardi-plank – as frame is more expensive to insure….and let's not even begin on maintenance issues – and no, termite damage is not covered!

Make sure there are fire hydrants in the neighborhood. How old is your roof anyway?

You can count on me

So how long are you staying? Should we add you as a temporary driver to the auto policy?

How many tickets and violations have you had in the last 3 to 5 years?

Please have snow

Are we taking all the necessary precautions against slip-and-fall situations? Are sidewalks clear and smooth? No cause for accidents? Are the handrails properly installed at all stairways leading into the home?

and mistletoe

hold up – mistletoe is poisonous – keep away from children and visiting pets!

And presents by the tree

Make sure you turn off those lights at night – also wrap the gifts with flame-retardant paper…just in case.

Did you call your agent to schedule that new piece of jewelry?

What? You are adding a she-shed – please, no business use out there! But if so, do not worry. Just let your agent know, and we can put the proper coverage in place in a hurry!

Christmas eve will find you

Please don't go missing – unless you have the kidnap and ransom endorsement added to your homeowner's policy.

Where the love light gleams

Blinding lights are not a good idea – they draw attention to your home. Let's keep a low profile during the holidays. Deadbolts and burglar alarms are a must!

Does your agent have your monitoring certificate – get that credit!

I'll be home for Christmas

We can request coverage for temporary boarder's contents if you are bringing a lot of stuff…

If only in my dreams

Please stay alert and attentive while driving – your Motor Vehicle Report will thank you in the morning!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!